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College algebra homework help: consulting my professors

There are only a few things your professor wants to see before they help you. And none of that is hard to present. But the one thing they will expect when they talk to you, is that you listen. They have a lot to do themselves, so when they spend time helping a student they expect to be listened to.

  1. Show your effort
  2. Let them know where your problem is
  3. Discuss ways to help yourself
  4. Use what your professor said
  • Show your effort
  • One of the things your professor will want to see, is that you are trying. So turn in your work, even if it is wrong. Now when you talk to them, they have an idea, and see that you are doing something. It is better to show you are having troubles, then just to pop in out of nowhere.

  • Let them know where your problem is
  • When you talk to them, be prepared. Have a good idea where you are having problems, and explain what is going on. This gives them something to add to your work that they can focus on. It is hard to help someone if you do not know where the problem lies. Do not be afraid about it, you are not the only person to have that issue. They have seen it all, and at one time may have had the same issue. They were not born with this knowledge, they had to learn too.

  • Discuss ways to help yourself
  • After they look at your problem and give you some pointers, ask if there is any way you can help yourself improve? This does two things; it shows you are serious, and two it allows them to give you advice that could help you further. If your problem is more than they can spend time on, they may recommend some help. They may send you to the Student services for help. This is not an insult, not everyone gets math as well as others. Some just need more one on one help.

  • Use what your professor said
  • The best ways your instructor knows that you have not wasted their time is to use what they said. Not only that, but you will do better and benefit more from your education. They know what they are doing, and do this for a living. Listening and using what they said does nothing for them. It does benefit you. It might take a while to get it right, but by working with what they said you will start seeing improvements.

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