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15 great topics to compose an essay for history homework

World history is a very interesting subject as it makes you aware with the events in the past and histories of nations. However, it can be challenging to find unique and engaging topics on the world history as a subject. There are topics that are not approved by your teacher and then there are topics that you do not have interest in. it are very important to keep the instructions in your mind while choosing a topic for your essay.

In this article, you will find 15 amazing topics you can easily write an essay on and hook your audience. You will also learn how to narrow down your topic and divide it into easier ones.

15 easy to write world history topics

  • Causes of World War I and its reactions
  • The impacts of World War on the American civilization
  • What factors gave birth to Civil war in America
  • Why was America divided and how slavery was overcome
  • How countries become super powers
  • The massive killing of Jews in World War II
  • The genocide and its effects on the world
  • The black death and its causes, what was the role of united nations
  • What is the background to AIDS, who is trying to stop it?
  • How were pyramids made? Still a mystery
  • Which civilization has seen the most revolutions
  • An insight to Chinese History from beginning to end
  • The losses Russia has suffered and its cold war with the US
  • The Britain trade in the sub-continent and how they ruled it
  • The Muslim emperors and their rule in the sub-continent

If you want to narrow down your essay topic then you can do it based on one of these

  • Based on religion
  • You can either choose a religion that you want to write about. It may be Christianity, religion of Abraham or Jewish.

  • Based on time
  • You may choose to write about a certain era and the popular practices, tribes and discoveries of that era. You can write about a scientific invention like wheel and explain the era it was made in

  • Based on countries
  • Finally, you can narrow down your research by breaking your topic down in countries. China, America, Russia, and the sub continent are interesting countries to write about and have seen quite a number of changes since the beginning

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