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Professionals' View: Why is Homework So Important

Many students believe that homework is just a teacher’s way of making them suffer. But this is not actually true. Homework is quite important and it serves many educational purposes.

Homework is designed to coincide with the topics or themes you are learning in class. This is a way to ensure the concepts introduced during class are solidified in your mind. Reinforcing the concepts you learn through homework is one of the best ways to move it from short term memory (easily forgotten) to long term memory (something you can call upon during the next test).

Homework is also a way for you to practice, and then practice some more. There are certain educational skills that you will use forever. Some, you will need throughout the duration of your academic career, and others you will need well into the adult workplace. By practicing these skills repeatedly through homework, you can master them and prepare yourself for success as you grow up.

The completion of homework is not so much about getting a good grade, but about knowing that you understand the work. Homework is meant to help you, not hinder you.

  • Homework gives you the opportunity to really demonstrate that you have mastered a topic.
  • It also gives you the practice you need to increase your speed and your mastery of these skills.
  • Homework prepares you for the class lectures and activities.
  • It prepares you to complete future assignments too, since each lesson you learn will build upon the other.
  • Homework increases your involvement with the skills you need to succeed and in doing so, allows you the chance to enjoy learning
  • Homework builds in students personal responsibility.
  • Homework builds time management skills
  • Homework allows students to cultivate self-confidence and a great sense of accomplishment when each task is completed
  • Homework allows students to recognize their talents and their skills which leads to increased personal development
  • Homework helps to improve child and parent relations too by establishing better communication and allowing children and parents to work in tandem to apply the skills learned in school to real life situations, such as using fractions to double a batch of cookie dough
  • Homework improves communication between teachers and parents too, by enabling teachers to talk with parents about the progress made by their children, and keeping parents apprise to the things that are happening in the class each week.

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