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Is using an assignment writing service cheating?

As the number of online writing service websites continues to increase, students are beginning to wonder if using a writing service is a form of cheating. The answer to that question is quite complicated, just like the services that the websites provide. In some cases, the answer is yes and in others it is no.

When It is Cheating

If you hire a writing service to craft your paper from start to finish, then you are technically cheating. The fact that you have done nothing more than look up a website, submit an inquiry for help, and give the website your assignment and some money really does constitute cheating. You may not be stealing the answers from a classmate, but you are not doing any of the work yourself.

What Cheating Is

If you are cheating, you have gained an unfair advantage by using dishonest means. When you hire a person to write your work for you, you have gained an advantage because you did not have to do the work yourself. You are receiving a grade through dishonesty. Cheating is quite simple to understand and by completely relying on a writing service is truly cheating.

When It is Not Cheating

You can use a writing service without cheating. Many students will hire writing services for secondary work, like editing and revising. If you have written the paper on your own, but you need to have help editing, hiring a service is not cheating. You might ask a friend, classmate, family member, or someone else to help you edit and revise. Hiring a writing service to do this is no different, except that you are paying for the services. When comparing this service to having someone completely write your essay for you are two black and white examples.

Gray Areas Bring Confusion

There are instances where there are gray areas regarding cheating and hiring a writing service. Let’s say you have a research paper assignment. You collect all of the research and create the outline. You know you are not a strong writer, so you hire someone to do the writing for you. This is where many students are confused about whether this is really cheating. You have gathered all of the necessary materials and you have organized the paper. Many websites allow students to work with their hired writer, too. If you work closely with your writer, you may be able to easily justify that this type of work is not cheating at all.

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