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Reliable Sources For Providing Homework Help For College Students


College students often find home difficult and start looking for help. It is by definition a chance to work at home and to develop their understanding of what they have been learning at college. The first port of call tends to be their parents who probably realize that they need help as well so the search turns to online sites who offer homework help usually they charge less than a private tutor who charges by the hour. Colleges also offer after hours classes to help with homework but students anxious to get home usually try for other solutions such as online sites.

  • offers coverage of subjects that can help the student with homework for free but it doesn’t answer direct questions. Student questions .com offers some free solutions as an introductory offer but then charges. 

  • One solution may be to Google the homework question and see what comes up. The internet is a wonderful resource and students should be encouraged to make use of it and understand how it works.

  • Students have to evaluate their internet sources to make sure they are correct. In general if children are working on the homework even indirectly this is good because they are doing something for themselves. This is what homework is about, trying to get children to tackle problems themselves and become proficient at it. Homework requires discipline and it is important that the discipline of work is maintained. Children should at least understand the process by which problems are solved.
  • Websites, which offer home work solutions need to be assessed by criteria such as how many teachers, they employ. 

  • Students should be encouraged to search for themselves in e notes and Wikipedia  for facts that can help them. Some cites are more credible than others and it’s a matter of judgment.

  • lists sites, which provide information for homework and answers to specific questions in different subjects, such as These offer their services for free. There are many sites, which have tutors who write up the homework and deliver it to the student so that he or she can use it as their own work. This is paid for by their parent’s credit card and seems to be very popular. If you go on to one of these sites a friendly pop up from a tutor offering to help, but it’s their work not the child’s. 

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