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4th grade math homework: how to write like a college student

One of the most important aspects of homework particularly for young students, is to get a firm understanding of the topic at a very young age. Mathematics is a good example of this situation. It works both ways. If a fourth grade student is able to clearly understand the different parts of their maths homework, they stand an excellent chance of going on to do well in that subject in high school and even in their tertiary education.

On the other hand, the opposite is true. If a fourth grade student has trouble with their maths homework then, as the years roll by and the work becomes more difficult, they fall behind even further. So therefore it's vitally important that students and their parents have a program and a plan of attack in tackling their child's fourth grade math homework.

You need to adopt the thinking of a college student. This involves the following activities.

  • divide your maths homework into various sections
  • work on a section at a time
  • concentrate on understanding the concepts
  • make sure your homework is an exam type scenario

Even at fourth grade, the subject of mathematics can be broken down into any number of topics. It can involve multiplication, division, fractions, chance and probability, decimals and percentages, weight, volume and capacity as well as all sorts of geometric figures. Don't try and tackle everything at once. Break down your homework into different sections of mathematics. Work on one at the time. Get that one section spot on before you move to something else.

It can be easy to produce a reasonable standard of fourth grade maths homework with some or most of the correct answers being provided. You don't want that. You want your fourth grade student to have a powerful understanding of the concepts involved. When the student has an understanding they are able to figure out the approach to the topic and to arrive at the correct solution on their own. Encourage your fourth grade student to think like a much older college student by using understanding as opposed to rote learning. Understanding is all.

And it is most important that the environment in which the fourth grade maths homework is tackled is serious. It is almost akin to sitting for a maths exam. You need to be well-organized, have definite goals for your homework session and take a serious and proper attitude. The better you work at your maths homework away from class, the better will be your understanding of the subject and the results you obtain.

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