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Mastering physics homework: who can help out?

When you have a problem with physics homework who can you turn to? The guess is that you are limited to whom you can go to for help and support.

Physics is not everyone’s favorite subject and some people have never studied physics.


  • 1st Choice. Your tutor.
  • It really has to be your tutor

    • Because they have been teaching you and probably understand your difficulty more than your know. They have marked your work, and can identify where your difficulty lies.
    • Because they have been teaching the course. Every tutor who is of any worth understands that not everything in the syllabus is interesting and easily understood (working form the principle that if you can understand A, the B, C and D should be easy!!). Your tutor will know the elements that will require extra input for some people.
    • Because if your don’t talk to your tutor they may think that you are OK with the level of understanding that you have.

  • 2nd Choice. Other students.
  • If you are having difficulty with your homework the chances are that they are too.

    • Ask some of your friends if they are having similar difficulties. The chances are that they are experiencing the same difficulties.
    • If there are a few f you that are like minded, why don’t you start a study group? The chances are that you all have different qualities and can put your skills together to support and help each other using a team approach.
    • There is a lot to be c-gained from working as a group. While you are talking about the issues you will find that by listening to others and verbalizing your difficulties that you soon, understand more bit by bit.

  • 3rd Choice. The Internet.
    • There are many useful websites that will help you understand some of the Physics concepts that you are struggling with. Some offer tutorials such very much like U-tube. Others offer all sorts of animated and practical demonstrations that are very useful.
    • Some web sites offer to answer physic questions that you post online. These can be helpful but you don’t always get the answers straight away. It may be that you have to wait a day of two for a reply.
    • You can always seek out websites that offer to write your homework for you. But do be very wary of what they offer and for how much.

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