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World history homework help: how to make the study process interesting

  • Get over the fact that History is not boring, it’s a very interesting subject and there are clues everywhere.
  • Learning about history does not mean that you have to learn a lot of facts and dates. History is about change and what influences those changes.
  • History is about being a detective.

World History should be as it says, World History. Incidents should not be viewed in isolation. Incidents should be viewed as to their knock on effect within the community in which they occur, within the society, country, continent and globally.

If you focus on one invention, such as the ‘spinning jenny’ prior to Industrialization, and then its knock on effect within history. What started off as an aid to textile production, lead to many changes in society, textiles were mass produced in England which led to changes in fashion; which also led to the reduction of imports of silk from India. Mass production meant that fabrics were more readily available, for less cost but at the same time small producers of fine lace (cottage industries) fell foul to modernization as their skills were replaced by machines… then you start to look at how modernization affected society in America and how farm girls were given employment in big textile production factories and the earning power that these former farm girls acquired. Get the jest?

Other facts about history

  • There is more than one side to every story. Just because it is written in one History text book does not mean that there was more than one side. Check out also when the text book was written and produced, is it chronologically correct?
  • Look at Historical evidence. With a world of information at our finger tips, we don’t have to go to museum to look at artifacts (although it would be really nice to do that). Look at photographs and other historical evidence.
  • Look in your own neighborhood. And you are probably saying, what has that got to do with World History? The answer is a lot more than your think. Look at the labels on your clothes, where are they made? The chances are they are not made in the country in which you live? Why? Look at the history of trading and industrialization and post-industrialized societies to get your clues. It’s easier than you think, and it is all world history.

If you are studying another subject such as Psychology, look also at the society in which certain psychological concepts gained favor. Thinking in particular here of Freud, do you think that his rise to popularity would be tolerated in today’s society.

Happy detective work.

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