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Fun Ways To Do Homework: Top 10 Suggestions

There is a temptation always to think the worst when it comes to homework. Apart from the fact that when it is delivered in a repetitive manner, it can be incredibly boring, adults are often guilty of passing their phobias and own negative experiences down to their children. So, for all you parents out there that are ripping their hair out in despair and wondering just how on earth you are going to survive another drama here are my top ten suggestions to make it fun:

  • Keep it age appropriate
  • The age of your child will determine the kinds of activities that you can do. However, activities are the key word here. Whether your child has just started an education or is in middle school, they need to be stimulated and engaged. Your child will quickly lose interest if they think that you are treating them like a baby. Likewise, if the activities are too advanced for them, they will simply get frustrated.

  • Make it quality time
  • It seems as if parents have never had to wear so many hats. You can sometimes spend so much time working and then tending to all your domestic chores that you struggle to find any quality time with your child. Homework is a great time to bond. Make a joke out of it. Pull funny faces, get your child on the side and then help them learn.

  • Visit some age-appropriate online portals
  • Most schools will provide you with links to appropriate websites that have been specifically tailored to make learning fun.

  • Download some Apps
  • Embrace the new technologies that our out there. Download some homework related Apps to your smartphone or tablet and let your child access them.

  • Reward hard work with a treat
  • I am not suggesting a treat every single day. However, you could reward consistent hard work on either a weekly or monthly basis with maybe a trip to the cinema.

  • Get active
  • This technique works really well with younger children. Get them moving around, and if say the homework is animal related then get them impersonating the animals while they study.

  • Get outdoors
  • Would a trip to a local park or nature reserve help? Is there a whole world just waiting to be discovered in your back yard? Again, this very much depends on the age of your child and the assignment that they have been asked to complete. However, taking it outdoors is a great, healthy way of doing their homework.

  • Do it in pairs
  • Do they have a friend that they can buddy up with? This makes life so much more fun!

  • Let them get their hands dirty
  • Home economics and science projects are brilliant for letting students get their hands dirty. Make sure that they have a safe environment and then watch the imagination soar!

  • Rhyme and Song
  • Dusting off the old vocal chords and using rhyme and song as a form of expression while studying can be a great holistic approach to take.

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