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Prompts Concerning Social Studies Homework Help

History and social studies can be a fun experience with the right prompts and aids. There are so many different things you can do to help learn the subject. This can be an interactive type of homework, such as studying for play, writing a paper, taking a test or studying for a quiz.


Interactive homework

Develop a country as a team

  • Take a team of students and pick somewhere on the map, or just create your own for fun, and then have team members explain how they would turn a random place into a civilized country.
  • Decide what type of government will the country have and why.
  • Decide what type of jobs will be available for the citizens.

Having teams working on assignments can help the students that may be falling behind. Give each student an assigned portion, such as who will build the government, who will name it, etc., and then have the teams present their civilized country to the class. Have each student write an essay on why or why not his or her team did or did not succeed. Writing prompts are important to learn since they will become a regular assignment as the students advance.

Prompts for social studies papers

  • What historical figure would you like to spend a day with?
  • What if history had gone differently?
  • What was social networking like in the 1800s?

These are all ways to make the students think about how much we have advanced through the ages. They are great prompts to start teaching students how to write essays and do research.

What about help with homework?

  • Study groups
  • Tutors
  • Internet

Study groups help with any type of homework since member can quiz each other, creating fun games to learn the assignments and help with homework, trivia and flashcards. These are all examples of study group activities, but that is not always the option for everyone. Sometimes it is better to get a tutor for individuals; sometimes these are offered free of service through the school.

There are also professional centers where you can hire tutors. There is always the Internet as a source of helping with homework. There are websites available that offer “social studies” games, flash cards and online tutoring.

Social studies can be a fun way for students to learn, it can be interactive and it can help prepare them for their later education. Sometimes groups can get together for homework and there are interesting prompts that can prepare students for the future.

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