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Assignments for Sale: 5 Pointers to Prevent You from Getting Scammed

The homework help market is robustly growing today, attracting not only honest companies but scammers as well. However, you do not have to carry out a complicated investigation to tell whether a website is reliable. To avoid losing your money, just pay attention to the following five signs of a fraud website.

  1. Inferior website design.
  2. Reputable writing companies invest money in their websites as they serve the purpose of attracting new clients. Meanwhile, scammers who want to disappear with your money would not spend anything. If a website is obviously based on a free template, with fonts that are difficult to read, and confusing navigation, it is probably a fraud or unprofessional company.

  3. “Money ahead” approach.
  4. You should not pay anything before you agree all important terms with the writing service manager, or with your writer directly. Stay away from websites that want your money right away, for the very privilege of placing your order with them. If you reach their customer support and they would not even speak to you before you pay, it’s definitely not a good writing service.

  5. Unreasonably low fees and time estimates.
  6. It might sound obvious, but offers too good to be true are a sure sign of a scamming scheme. If anyone promises to deliver a 10-page assignment overnight for $5 per page, they are probably not going to write your paper at all. They just want you to pay them, in hope to get the job done so cheaply. Compare a website’s fees against those by other companies. If they are much lower, this service should not be trusted.

  7. Missing contacts.
  8. A credible homework help website would feature a phone number you can call 24/7. The most reputable companies also have their physical address listed in the contacts section. If you can see no company’s contact data on the website, with only a website form available to reach them, it should be a warning signal to you.

  9. The website’s name blacklisted on third party resources.
  10. Before placing your order, always check the company’s name in a search engine. If there are any mentions of this writing service being a scammer, it is better to look for another homework helper. Although honest companies sometimes get included into “black lists” by mistake, the majority of those labeled by online communities as essay scammers are actually that. Save links to several essay scammer lists to use them in the future – these lists are regularly updated.

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