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10 Professional Homework Tips For 5th Graders

If your 5th grader is having a difficult time concentrating on homework, the absolute worst thing to do is to force the child to do the assignments. This approach will only lead to resentment and can damage your relationship with your own kid.

The following tips should help you motivate your little son or daughter to work without any arguments:

  1. Make work a pleasure.
  2. The trick here is to work on the assignments with your child and incorporate some entertainment into the process of studying. You can take the kids to a museum when learning history or provide some anecdotes as examples when dealing with other subjects. Your goal here is to make sure that children enjoy the experience.

  3. Use the reward system.
  4. Set definite rules to achieving the “reward”. Note that you shouldn’t give out this encouragement for simply doing the work that the child should do anyway. You need to raise the bar so that your kid actually feels the significance of his or her achievement. In this case, reward itself will become secondary. For example, you can offer this kind of encouragement if the child completes all the assignments sooner or gets extra credit for them.

  5. Work on schedule.
  6. Children should have a daily schedule in order to be more productive. Make sure that your kids sit down to work on their homework at the same time every day.

  7. Take breaks.
  8. Taking short breaks every hour will ensure that your children don’t overstress themselves with working.

  9. Arrange an inviting workspace.
  10. Set up the area where your kid will work on the assignments in a way that will make the place as inviting as possible. Being surrounded by things he or she likes will improve your child’s mood.

  11. Break down big assignments into smaller parts.
  12. It will be very difficult for a 5th grader to complete a big assignment in one go. Teach your child how to divide one big job into small parts that will be easy to handle.

  13. Tackle the difficult assignments first.
  14. When you get the hardest bit out of the way first, your children will feel elated when they see that the rest of the assignment is easy.

  15. Don’t work on an empty stomach.
  16. Your kids will require energy to work. Be sure to provide it before you send them to do their homework.

  17. Don’t pressure your child.
  18. Remember that homework isn’t everything. You shouldn’t add to the child’s stress by demanding the best results.

  19. Explain why it matters.
  20. Make your kids understand why they actually need homework to succeed in academics and life.

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